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In the Spotlight: 24/7 Contact Center

September 3, 2020

Imagine this: it’s the middle of summer, and geez, it’s hot.

You’ve had a steady stream of bookings the past few months, and later today, you’re welcoming a guest all the way from Europe. In fact, he’s on his flight right now!

Before your overseas visitor lands, you stop by your rental to perform a pre-arrival inspection and make sure everything’s just right—like you always do. As you step into the house, though, you instantly notice something’s wrong: it’s hotter inside than it is outside. Uh oh.

A quick check of the thermostat confirms your worst fear: the air conditioner is broken, and there’s no way it can be fixed before your guest arrives. You cannot reasonably expect him to stay in your rental—it’s 88° inside the house—but you also know his inevitable scathing review could be the kiss of death for your listing. 

What’s your move?

MyVacayHome Contact Center: Just a Phone Call Away

For the actual homeowner in this story, the answer was simple: she called MyVacayHome’s 24/7 Contact Center. 

While the guest was still on his flight from Europe, the MyVacayHome team sprung into action. They secured alternate accommodations and promptly notified the man of his new arrival instructions. And, with her guest taken care of, the homeowner was able to immediately turn her attention to her rental. The air conditioner got fixed, upcoming bookings were saved, and perhaps most importantly, her listing wasn’t dinged with a negative review.


As you know, renting your vacation home to travelers encompasses a whole lot more than just racking up bookings. In fact, many homeowners right now don’t need any help in that department—their booking calendars are full, they’re maximizing their revenue, and ironically, their lives are more stressful because of it. 

And then an air conditioner breaks.

Things don’t always go as planned, but that doesn’t mean you can’t maintain a profitable, smooth-running rental operation. And on the flip side, maintaining a smooth-running rental doesn’t mean you have to be buried beneath an avalanche of stress. 

Like the homeowner in the story above, you can turn all that stress over to professionals who are equipped to handle any kind of issue, from minor inquiries to problems the size of broken air conditioners. Put simply, MyVacayHome’s 24/7 Contact Center makes your life easier. Here’s how: 

Do You Have a Personal Reservations Team? You Do Now! 

When you join the MyVacayHome family, you receive a dedicated phone number that allows you to reach the Contact Center any hour of the day, any day of the week. Based in the U.S., the MyVacayHome Contact Center personifies the word “team”: it’s a tight-knit group of multilingual professionals who are with you from pre-stay to post-stay and everything in between. What’s more, it doesn’t matter if you list your rental on one online travel site or five sites—the Contact Center is available to assist you with all potential bookings, no matter the scope.  

Unmatched Full-Service Versatility

Okay, a busted air conditioner is a tough break. But what happens when something legitimately hazardous throws a wrench in your guests’ visit—something like a hurricane making landfall just as they’re supposed to arrive? Those types of real-life disasters are unfortunately unavoidable, and in the vacation-rental industry, they must be handled with equal parts care and compassion. And that’s precisely what the MyVacayHome Contact Center team provides, whether it’s just for you or for an entire region of panicked homeowners.

Of course, a hurricane is an extreme example. But it’s also a testament to the versatility of the Contact Center’s collective expertise: sure, the team can help you through a crisis. But they also handle inquiries and reservation confirmations; provide directions and property-access information; investigate chargebacks; review requests and replies; and clear up a full spectrum of potential headaches, from timezone dilemmas to issues regarding pets. And that’s what “full-service” looks like. 

Make Your Life Easier

Running a rental is a lot of work. Vetting guests, answering their questions, and processing their bookings can feel like a full-time job—and that’s before they even arrive! The ebb and flow of guest demands only intensifies when you have to manage those demands across multiple travel sites; not to mention, response time is absolutely critical to guest experience.

But you don’t have to juggle all those responsibilities on your own. In fact, you don’t really have to juggle anything if you don’t want to. Because of all the benefits the MyVacayHome Contact Center delivers, the most important one is that it carves out more free time for homeowners like you. With the Contact Center in your corner, you can not only make professional impressions, but you can also ditch the stress altogether and focus on what matters most: creating incredible guest experiences and maximizing your rental revenue.

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