Multi-Channel Distribution

We partner with the largest online travel sites, connecting you to millions of travelers instantly.

Full-Service Vacation Rental Management

As the leading full-service marketing partner for homeowners, MyVacayHome generates more bookings while you do less work. We list your home on the top travel sites, helping you maximize your rental income while reaching up to 97% of online travelers.

Data shows that homeowners who list their rental on multiple travel sites enjoy sizable revenue growth. Here's the catch: that's a lot of work! Managing one listing on one travel site can be a headache, but managing multiple listings on multiple sites is a full-time job.

When you join the MyVacayHome family, though, we handle all that work while you kick back and collect.

Maximize Your Rental Income

MyVacayHome is a pay-for-performance company, meaning we share the same incentive as you: maximize exposure, maximize revenue. We make money when you make money. It's that simple.

The moment you partner with us, our goal is to ramp up your bookings quickly. To do that, we apply channel-specific merchandising opportunities, optimize your listings, and track your content scores in order to generate high rankings and positive reviews—which only leads to more bookings.

Travel sites are constantly evolving, which means your listings need to constantly evolve, too. Take a peak behind the curtain to see how we accomplish that: 
  • Our next generation technology platform features a 34-point quality check. Once our team loads your property onto the platform, an automated verification process meticulously reviews the details. Your listing is effectively verified by multiple experts: our system and our people.
  • Every travel site is different. That's why MyVacayHome manually maps information based on the channel, whether it's Airbnb,, Expedia, or one of their partners. We manually enhance the data across every channel your home is listed on, ensuring the information is always up-to-date and properly presented.
  • Our team is in contact with every travel site, every day, so when something changes, we're the first to know. This around-the-clock feedback loop enables us to maintain top-of-the-industry rankings while keeping us informed about channel-specific promotions and other updates that could make your rental more appealing.
  • Available 24/7, our multilingual contact center is another not-so-secret ingredient that keeps our partnerships lucrative. The center handles offline bookings 24 hours a day, all while resolving customer issues and emergencies that arise before, during, and after stays. We’re literally in touch with you and your guests from start to finish.

    Then, when the positive reviews start rolling in, we collect them and post them to the appropriate channel site—completing a true full-service circle for just 10% commission, with no additional fees.

Our Work with Expedia

MyVacayHome partners with the largest online distribution channels, including Vrbo, Airbnb, Expedia,, and TripAdvisor. Each connection is unique, but let's zoom in on our work with Expedia to illustrate the vast potential of multi-channel distribution.

When MyVacayHome lists your property on Expedia, you not only reap the benefits of exclusive packages and promotions, but you also gain access to Expedia's entire network of affiliates. That includes Expedia Partner Solutions and the company's onward distribution network, which features channels like Chase Rewards and American Express Travel.

The benefits don't stop there: you also gain access to the Expedia Distribution Network, corporate-travel channel Egencia, and the exclusive Expedia Collect.

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